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“What does it take to have an outstanding blog?”, you ask. Two things: good content and a dazzling platform to show it off. You bring the content, we make it shine. Let’s be honest, you only pay attention to the peacock when he’s strutting his stuff.

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How much does blog design cost?

If you were hoping for a simple answer, we’re sorry to disappoint but custom blogs call for custom pricing. Want to find out how much YOUR blog is going to cost? Press the “Let’s get started” button below and we will get back to you in a heartbeat. Our quotes are completely free, no strings attached.

After launching my blog, will I be able to post myself?

Yes, that’s the goal. You’ll get an instruction session before the launch so you can learn how to manage on your own.

Do I need web hosting for my blog?

 Yes you do and we’ll be happy to handle that for you.

Can I sell stuff on my blog in the future?

Sure you can. It doesn’t matter if you just want to sell a few merch items or turn it into a massive webshop, you can expand your blog as you like.